Tracking of Mobile Targets by Designing & Improvement of Adaptive Antennas

Anupam Gupta, Pradeep K Mohker, M.P. Parsai


For making the mobile communication and radar system efficient in radio tracking & Radio Frequency Identification performance adaptive antennas can be designed and improved by using the concept of designing the antennas which are capable of tracking slow moving targets as well as ultra-fast moving targets by alternately placing micro-strip phased array antenna elements & crystal based antenna elements respectively over a metallic hollow cylindrical structure with the concept of improvement by placing increased number of antenna elements. Instead of placing two separate mountings of antennas, each for slow moving as well as for ultra-fast moving targets, efficient & improved tracking system can be proposed by placing increased number of antenna elements in one mounting. Index Terms—360° coverage, adaptive antennas, designing of antenna elements & mounting, frequency beam sweeping, fast radiolocation, improved phased array antenna, improved electromagnetic crystal based antenna, increased number of antenna elements, increased performance, LMS algorithm.

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