A Less Delay in Subband Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Active Noise Cancellation

Golla Ramesh


the Subband adaptive filtering (SAF) techniques play a prominent role in designing active noise control (ANC) systems. They reduce the computational complexity of ANC algorithms, particularly, when the acoustic noise is a broadband signal and the system models have long impulse responses. In the commonly used uniform-discrete Fourier transform (DFT) -modulated (UDFTM) filter banks, increasing the number of subbands decreases the computational burden but can introduce excessive distortion, degrading performance of the ANC system. In this paper, we propose a new UDFTM-based adaptive subband filtering method that alleviates the degrading effects of the delay and side-lobe distortion
introduced by the prototype filter on the system performance. The delay in filter bank is reduced by prototype filter design and the side-lobe distortion is compensated for by oversampling and appropriate stacking of subband weights. Experimental results show the improvement of performance and computational complexity of the proposed method in comparison to two commonly used block adaptive and subband adaptive filtering algorithms.

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