1.8-V, 6.8mW, Ultra-Wideband Folded Mixer in 0.18μm CMOS

Sandhya Samadhiya, Rajesh Khatri


This paper presents the design and analysis of a low power, low flicker noise folded Gilbert cell mixer in 0.18μm CMOS process for UWB application between 3.5-10GHz. To achieve wideband frequency response and low dc power consumption for UWB system application, the folded approach is utilized. The folded topology allows the Transconductance and LO stage to have different bias current. By setting the bias current in the PMOS switches near zero, the mixer DC offset due to devices mismatch is greatly reduced. For input RF frequency range of 3.5-10GHz and IF range of 528MHz, the 50Ω impedance matched condition is applications. The effect of supply voltage on the mixer performance is studied. The mixer consumes (6.8mW) from 1.8v supply and achieve conversion gain(CG) of (5.0) dB. A single sideband(NF) of (43) dB. A third order intermodulation intercept point (IIP3) of (-2.52) dBm.

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