Green Building - Future of the world

Rohan Rajput, Abhinav Kumar, Jitendra verma


Green buildings have the potential to minimize the negative impact on the environment and offer business and occupant health related benefits. Many countries have either already adopted the green building guidelines or are in the process of adopting them. The need for sustainable development in the construction sector has become significant in the last decade mostly due to the major resource consumption and contamination buildings generate. Green building is helpful in reducing the energy consumption. Developing countries are experiencing exponential growth in the built environment and there is a great potential of making the design and construction practices in these countries more sustainable through green building guidelines. Rapid adoption of these guidelines is important and challenging. Green building is slowly becoming more accepted but it is not occurring fast enough and needs a booster to help it integrate into modern society more efficiently. Consumers, designers, and builders have many alternative energy sources that they are able to choose from and implement into their homes and buildings if they choose to construct green buildings it will be beneficial for environment. So Green building is the need of the future world.

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