A Study for Knowledge Management System Implementation in Academic Institution

Dr. Subhash Singh Parihar


“Knowledge management (KM) system” is a phrase that is used to describe the creation of knowledge repositories, improvement of knowledge access and sharing as well as communication through collaboration, enhancing the knowledge environment and managing knowledge as an asset for an organization. Higher education in developing country is in poor conditions. There were an increasing application of electronic and web systems for education in recent years. The one way to educate people at their door step is only possible by e-learning. To increase efficiency of these systems and improve the education, using application of knowledge management in e-learning system. Many universities and higher education department are emphasizing on providing education at their door step using e–learning and on-line education. The business of academic institutions is all about knowledge. Knowledge management (KM) is currently receiving considerable attention, from both academics and practitioners, and is being addressed by a broad range of academic literature. In this paper we try to find out the best solution model for E-learning based Knowledge Management System. Managing Knowledge is main concern of the any university. With the application of Expert System, we can able to build an appropriate model of on-line education and on-line examination system. Authenticity is always a toughest task to find out the right candidate.

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