A Method Of Detecting Data Leakage Incident Using Misuseability Weight Measure

M. Kalavathi, G. Sudhakar


Data stored in an organization's computers is extremely important and embodies the core of the organization's power. Users within the organization's perimeter per f o rm various actions on this data and may be exposed to sensitive information embodied within the data they access. In an effort to determine the extent of damage to an organization that a user can cause using the information she has obtained, we introduce the concept of Misuseability Weight. This calculates a score that represents the sensitivity level of the data exposed to the user and by that predicts the ability of the user to maliciously exploit the data. Using this information, the organization can then take appropriate steps to prevent or minimize the damage. Then we extend the M-Score for some exceptional cases. Finally, we present appl i cati ons of the M-score in several organizations.


Data Misuse, Data leakage, Misuseability, Security Measure

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