Chemical Compositions of Essential oil and In vitro Biological Activity of Heracleum argaeum Boiss. & Bal.

Sevil Albayrak, Lutfiye Yurtseven, Abit Yaşar


The extract obtained from Heracleum argaeum Boiss. & Bal. (Apiaceae) has been investigated for its total antioxidant capacity, inhibition of the bleaching of the β-carotene–linoleic acid emulsion and scavenging capacity on 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical. In addition to the antioxidant activity of this plant, the total phenolic and flavonoid content were measured in the extract. The chemical composition of essential oil isolated by hydrodistillation from the aerial parts of H. argaeum was analyzed by GC-MS. The antimicrobial activities of the extract and essential oil were also tested against 13 bacteria and 2 yeasts. The extract showed antibacterial activity against many of tested bacteria while essential oil exhibited slight or no activity.


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