Biological Suppression of Fungal Diseases in Plants

Deepti Suhalka


Biological control has been widely and successfully used to control plant diseases. Bryophytes are considered to be pivotal group of
the origin of land plants. They are ecologically significant contributing to nutrient cycles, forming a major component of forest canopy
humus. These plants contain a large number of terpenoids and aromatic compounds. Many of these compounds also have interesting
biological activity. They are used in pharmaceutical products also. This review presents an overview about antimicrobial activity of
Different types of bryophyte extracts were tested against plant pathogenic fungi through different techniques. The results showed that
all the extracts showed good antifungal activity but the highest inhibition in spore germination per cent was observed in methanolic
extract. The percentage of germination was 57.78 to 22.22 from 10 to 100 per cent concentrations of the extract.

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