Trametes Hirsuta, an Excellent White rot Fungus for Laccase Production

Rakesh U Thakare, Arun B Ingle, Bharat J Wadher, Kunal Roychaudhury


Laccases are multi copper oxidases having wide substrate specificity mainly found in white-rot fungi, which are the only
microorganisms able to degrade the whole wood components. As they are capable of degrading a wide variety of compounds they are
commercially very significant. This project aims at studying the production optimization of laccase using different carbon sources.
Agro-industrial residues, such as wheat bran, rice bran, and glucose were screened for laccase production, under aqueous-state
fermentation conditions, by the white-rot fungus, Trametes hirsuta NCIM 1201. Glucose with guiuacol gave the highest activity,
reaching about 1.2 U/ml within 10 days.

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