Department of food Science and Nutrition College of Rural Home Science, University of Agricultural Science, Dharwad- 580005 Karnataka State, India

S.K Itagi, R.K Naik


Recently India is known as ‘capital of diabetes’ due to increased population of diabetes in younger generation. High fibre and complex carbohydrate diet of millets found beneficial in monitoring diabetes and to prevent further complications. The study was conducted to develop foxtail and little millet based composite mix and test glyco-lipemic responses among non-diabetic and diabetics. The GI 54.39 was noted for foxtail millet mix followed by little millet mix (58.75). The long term feeding study was conducted on 6 non diabetics and 9 type 2 diabetics. The result highlighted that 18.94 %, 16.46%, 16.54% and 8.49% reduction in plasma glucose of experimental diabetic and non diabetic group after consumption of foxtail millet and little millet mix respectively. The difference in the plasma glucose of experimental diabetic and non-diabetics was significant (P ≤ 0.01). The significant difference in plasma glucose was observed in the experimental and control groups (r=0.006) after the consumption of both mixes. The difference in decreased value of triglycerides was more apparent in non-diabetic experimental subjects after consumption of little millet mix compared to foxtail millet composite mix. The triglycerides reduced significantly (P≤ 0.05) only in the non-diabetics on consumption of little millet mix. There was no apparent difference in cholesterol profile of experimental and control subjects but slight increased level of HDL cholesterol observed in experimental diabetic and non diabetic group.

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