The Study of Synergism through Combine Drug Action of Synthesized 2-Amino-2-Chromenes and Codeine as a Supplementary Drug

Deepak Manik Nagrik, Damodar Motiram Ambhore, Janakiram Bajirao Devhade, Shrikant Sahebrao Patil


Polyfunctionalized pyrans (2-Amino-2-Chromenes) were synthesized by the three component reaction which includes the condensation of aldehyde, malononitrile and activated phenol. Codeine was used as the supplementary drug in combination of the resultant Polyfunctionalized pyrans for biological screening. The interesting results were obtained in accordance with the principle of “Synergism”. It was observed that, the synthesized Polyfunctionalized pyrans (2-Amino-2-Chromenes) and the supplementary drug, Codeine worked together to produce a results which were not independently obtainable.

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