Effect of Cationic Micellar System on the Oxidation of Pentose Sugar by Chloramine–T: A Kinetic Study

Ram Krishna Shrivastava, Sunanda Dhoke


The effect of a cationic surfactant i.e. Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide (CTAB) on the oxidation of pentose sugar i.e. D-Arabinose by sodium salt of p- toluene sulphonamide (Chloramine-T) has been studied in acetic acid medium at 313 K. The catalytic effect of CTAB has been observed on the rate of oxidation. The reaction is first order with respect to oxidant and fractional order to substrate concentration. Various effects like solvent, salt, temperature and addition of reaction product etc. have been studied. Different thermodynamic parameters have been computed and on the basis of findings and observations a suitable reaction mechanism has been suggested.

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